This Website Knows Exactly What Song Was Playing When You Were Conceived

This Website Knows Exactly What Song Was Playing When You Were Conceived
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There's a famous saying that everyone's favorite word is their own name, which leads us to understand that we really value our own personal traits. Otherwise, horoscope writers wouldn't get nearly as much work. We take random quizzes online telling us what our favorite junk food says about our personality and we're all proud to be an '80s baby, or a '90s baby, and so on and so forth. 

But one thing you likely haven't thought about yourself is what song you might've been conceived to.

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If in case you were though, there is a website perfectly designed for just that. When Was I Conceived will give you the option to type in your birth date before showing your estimated conception week and the #1 hit song of that week. And who knows? Your parents might have been getting down and dirty to the latest, popular jam of that day.

So for example, if you were born on October 1, 1992,  your folks may have been getting down to MJ's "Black Or White", a #1 hit song earlier that year. 

Are you an early '00s baby? Well if you were born around April 1, 2000, then "If You Had My Life" by JLo might've been your parents go to during their night of passion. It puts a whole new spin on certain hit songs, doesn't it?

The website also lists the #1 movie of the week you were conceived, which might've also been seen on a date night before your parents did what they do. This truly proves that anything is possible in this age of pastime internet.

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