What Made This Teen Attack a 91-Year-Old Man With A Cane?

What Made This Teen Attack a 91-Year-Old Man With A Cane?
Crazy World via YouTube

What is this world coming to when even the elderly are unsafe?

While Juan Llorens, a 91-year-old Cuban native, was walking in the streets of New York City with a cart near West 204th Street, a 19-year-old man randomly attacked him with a cane. 

Llorens was known around his neighborhood as an avid recycler, and couldn't imagine why anyone would want to assault him. He suffered a head injury located near his ear and had to receive medical attention and stitches. 

“He almost killed me...A man that’s just crazy. We didn’t know each other.” Llorens told the Daily News.

The attacker can be seen on video walking down the street, spotting Llorens, and kicking his cart before viciously striking him with a cane that he had. 

A few bystanders intervened during the cane attack, which was captured on surveillance video, and possibly prevented Llorens from being beaten to death. 

Residents coming to Llorens' aid
Crazy World via YouTube

Fortunately, justice for Llorens was served when the attacker was later arrested by police and charged with both assault and possession of a weapon, making the streets of NYC at least that much safer. 

But even still, many were left stumped as to why Saul Nunez, the 19-year-old attacker, would randomly target an elderly person to beat in the middle of a busy street in NYC. Nunez was in the process of a psychiatric evaluation following his arrest for the assault.

 Perhaps, this will offer law enforcement, Juan Llorens, and the citizens of New York a better understanding of the odd attack.

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